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personal image consultant for men, business casual, corporate, member AICI
image consultant for men, professional, business casual
                    Clothing doesn't make the man, 
                    but it does make a difference!

Image and Wardrobe MakeoverImage and Wardrobe Consultant for Men
Whether you're at work or at play - a man's clothing choices are a vital part of his professional and personal image.

Having objective advice about men's clothing will be your secret weapon for standing out for all the right reasons.

In the right clothes, you'll look confident, competent and charismatic.

In the right clothes prospects will see you, people will believe you and you'll begin to experience the influence of style. 

My Wardrobe Companion can provide you with a Style Blueprint
SM and simplified approach to dressing that increases your image impact.

We'll create a  wardrobe that balances your goals and comfort level with a clear and definitive sense of style.

Take the guesswork out of What to Wear.
Call 312.431.9662 for your complimentary consultation.


Style Blueprint and Fashion Advice
Wardrobe Management
Closet Organization
Image Coaching

Men's Style Blueprint and Consultation 

Find out which clothing styles, patterns and colors enhance your appearance and project the image you want.

In your personal session, we show you how to:
  • Personalize a suit with interesting shirt and tie combinations
  • Dress down with out bottoming out
  • Avoid clothing that distracts from your image goals
  • Identify a set of wardrobe essentials to solidify your image
  • Stand out for all the right reasons
  • Gain complete control of your personal presence
We'll give your confidential, objective, respectful and expert insight into mens fashion, mens clothing and how it effects your style.



Wardrobe Management for Men
Dressing Simplified!

In the privacy of your home, we will work together with your current wardrobe to determine which items to

  • Retire, replace or decide to buy new items
  • Coordinate several outfits that are appealing 
  • Use your existing clothing to project desired image.


Closet Organization for Men
A well organized closet will save you time and money.

Your clothing will work harder with a  simplified closet organization system. At a glance, you’ll be able to 
  • Mix shirts, ties and suits to personalize your wardrobe
  • Shop in your own closet
  • Maximize your existing clothing investment.
  • Enjoy your clothing because  your closet becomes your shrine.


Personal Shopping for Men

Hate to shop, but need clothes? After your style consultation if you require additions to your wardrobe, we'll  bring them straight to your door.  You'll

  • Spend less
  • Stay within budget
  • Have the clothes you really need
  • Make better clothing investments
  • Add clothing that adds to your image goals
  • Not be swayed by commission driven salespeople


Image Coaching for Men
When it's time to belly up to the bar, you'll have an advocate.

Image includes all the vital elements to create a positive and lasting impression. Image involves not only your visual appearance but the way you present yourself in social and business environments. As your image coach, our goal is to:
  • Create harmony between the elements that affect your personal presence and impact
  • Suggest changes and resources that will support your image goals
  • Provide honest and respectful feedback on your areas of concern
  • Cultivate an image that is authentic and appropriate for you
  • Research and answer your questions about social and etiquette situations as an expression of your individual style


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